Developments are our signature feature

RICOSTA children’s shoes are full of technology, functionality and safety features.

We have developed many of the pioneering innovations ourselves as well we made them ready for the market:

  • Polyurethane-sole with soft, comfortable air-cushion effect
  • RICOSTA-Drysole for perfect hygiene
  • Two-component sole for best grip
  • High2Out, the double membrane system
  • Sympatex-climate membrane for warm and dry feet


Sympatex-climate membrane

Most of the autumn and winter RICOSTA shoes are equipped with a water-proof breathable membrane. Sympatex membrane allows water vapour, which develops during wearing, to escape from the shoe.

Humidity from outside, however, is blocked, also from entering between sole and upper. This is a guaranteed by our method of processing Sympatex membrane, developed and patented by RICOSTA.

High2Out-membrane system

A double membrane system developed by adding an additional humidity absorbing layer to the Sympatex membrane.

High2Out is 120 % more breathable than a simple membrane. It transports humidity faster and regulates the temperature in the shoe.

Polyurethane-sole (PU)

The less weight on the foot, the easier it is to walk. The PU sole by RICOSTA consists of 50% air – making the shoes especially light, flexible and shock-absorbing.

The PU sole is injected directly to the upper and therefore permanently joined – completely environmentally friendly, without adhesives, thus emission-free.


Children’s feet emit a lot of humidity during a day. The removable drysole absorbs this humidity and releases it during the night. The fast drying drysole is washable at 30°C.

Two-component sole (TPU)

Provides grip for high-quality sport and hiking shoes. A combination of PU sole with an outsole surface made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Free of adhesives and solvents – permanently joined. 


RICOSTA-Produkte zeichnen sich durch zahlreiche Innovationen aus.