1955 Registration of the trade mark RICOSTA

1957 Topping-out ceremony of the company's building in Donaueschingen

1969 Roland Rieker is self-contained with RICOSTA kids shoe factory.

1978 the PEPINO – Die kleinen Feinen von RICOSTA - brand is introduced and offers toddlers shoes from sizes 17 to 28.

1993 RICOSTA is awarded the German Leather Goods Prize for the first time.

1994 RICOSTA becomes the first shoe manufacturer to introduce the light-weight polyurethane sole free of any bonding agents harmful to health. This patented process is regarded as a pioneering achievement in industrial shoe production.

1999 RICOSTA becomes the Europe's first and only manufacturer of children shoes  to be certified in compliance with Eco-Audit Regulations (EMAS) and DIN EN ISO 14001

RICOSTA wins The German Leather Goods Prize for the second time.

2003 The company is awarded the German Leather Goods Prize for the third time. The prize-winning shoe is the world's first children shoe to be developed in accordance with sports medical findings.

2005 The WMS Children's Feet Campaign, the largest international analysis of foot movement of children aged between 3 and 13 years, is assisted and promoted by RICOSTA.

2007 RICOSTA wins the German Leather Goods Prize for the fourth time. Colour and design of the prize-winning shoe,  as well as the design of the sole unit find wide acclaim.

2009 For the 5th time RICOSTA wins the The German Leather Goods Prize. The winning style is an imaginatively designed PEPINO-shoe with see-through PVC inlays and a rainbow-coloured sole.

2010 Outdoor INDUSTRY AWARD in gold for our RICOSTA Mountain. The outdoor shoe especially for kids

2011 reddot Design Award for RICOSTA Krabbelmaxe                                     

2012 German Design Award in silver for RICOSTA Mountain. The outdoor shoe made especially for kids

2013  German Shoe Prize 2013 goes to RICOSTA Rallye, a sturdy toddler shoe made for Laufrad (running bike) and push-powered cars

2014 We produce the 80.000.000 st RICOSTA shoe at the end of November.

Today Our company operates production plants in Germany, Hungary, Romania and Poland, employs about 1200 people and produces about 2 million pairs of shoes a year.

Future RICOSTA will continue to offer quality without compromise and seek dialogue with its customers.